A strikingly opulent double door cast in shimmering copper tones. The design elegantly incorporates an overarching frame, which seamlessly encloses the door, providing it with a domed appearance. The door features intricate ornamental motifs at its center and a pair of slender, elongated handles. Its luster is enhanced by the subtle play of light, illuminating the space and reflecting off the polished tiled floor.


Regalia Grandeur Copper Double Door

  • Sweeping Copper Design: Immerse your entrance with the Regalia Grandeur’s radiant copper finish, a true manifestation of luxury and durability combined.
  • Dome-Inspired Frame: The door boasts a unique overarching frame, bestowing it with an impressive and monumental presence.
  • Artistic Central Motifs: At the heart of the design, the twin ornamental motifs resonate with elegance and detailed artistry, enhancing the door’s visual appeal.
  • Svelte Dual Handles: The twin elongated handles not only facilitate easy usage but also contribute to the door’s modern aesthetic.
  • Illuminating Presence: The door’s gleam is amplified by its thoughtful placement amidst soft lighting, ensuring your entrance is always bathed in a warm, welcoming glow.
  • Sturdy and Resilient: Crafted with meticulous care, this door promises durability, ensuring it remains untarnished and as luminous as ever over time.
  • Versatile Integration: Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, the Regalia Grandeur elevates any entrance, be it an opulent home, a high-end boutique, or an executive suite.

The Regalia Grandeur Copper Double Door isn’t just a pathway; it’s an artwork, a masterpiece that resonates with elegance and opulence. Melding classical motifs with contemporary design, this door stands as an emblem of sophistication, ready to transform and uplift any entrance it adorns. For those with an eye for the exquisite, this door is nothing short of perfection.