A magnificent double door crafted in a lustrous copper finish, flanked by matching copper paneling and featuring a unique circular arch design. The door is adorned with vertical elongated handles and displays minimalist window panels at the top, allowing a glimpse of light and the world outside.

Lumina Copper Elegance Double Door

  • Radiant Copper Aesthetic: The Lumina Copper Elegance Door showcases a stunning copper finish, gleaming with luxury and promising a blend of both resilience and beauty.
  • Circular Arch Mastery: A defining feature, the sophisticated circular arch design adds a touch of modern artistry, setting it apart from conventional doors.
  • Seamless Panel Integration: Flanking both sides of the door, the matching copper panels enhance its grandeur, creating a harmonious visual flow in any entryway.
  • Subtle Window Detailing: Positioned at the upper part of the door, the window panels usher in light while ensuring privacy, acting as the perfect juxtaposition to the door’s solid build.
  • Elongated Vertical Handles: Functional yet stylish, these handles stretch gracefully, offering an easy grip and a design statement.
  • Durable Construction: Built with precision and care, the door promises longevity, standing up to external factors while retaining its elegant appeal.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for both homes and business spaces, this door can elevate any entrance, be it a modern office, luxury villa, or upscale apartment.

The Lumina Copper Elegance Double Door is more than just a barrier; it’s a statement of style and grandeur. By seamlessly integrating architectural design with luxe aesthetics, this door is a testimony to exquisite craftsmanship. For those looking to make a powerful first impression, this door embodies unparalleled sophistication.