An ornate dining table that seamlessly combines the timelessness of marble with the opulence of brass. The pristine marble top, adorned with natural veins, gracefully rests on a fluted brass pedestal, exuding sophistication. Paired with leather-clad stools and set against a backdrop of golden accents and deep hues, this table truly defines luxury dining.


Fluted Brass Pedestal & Marble Dining Table

  • Premium Marble Surface: The table top boasts pristine marble, showcasing natural, intricate veins that each tell a unique story. Finished to perfection, it offers a tactile experience of luxury.
  • Fluted Brass Pedestal: Moving away from conventional designs, this table takes pride in its regal, fluted brass pedestal that lends an air of vintage luxury and unparalleled stability.
  • Glistening Details: A subtly embedded brass rim circumscribes the marble top, adding an extra layer of opulence and detail that catches the eye.
  • Perfect Companion: Paired with chic stools that sport a golden base and leather seating, it’s a match made in design heaven.
  • Statement Piece: Its sophisticated design ensures that it stands out in any setting, from lavish banquet halls to intimate dining rooms.
  • Dimensions: Crafted to accommodate gatherings of various sizes, this table balances spaciousness with a cozy intimacy.

Experience the grandeur of yesteryears combined with contemporary craftsmanship with the Regal Elegance: Fluted Brass Pedestal & Marble Dining Table. Each table is a testament to fine design and a promise of countless memorable moments shared around it. Perfect for those who have an eye for detail and a taste for the finer things in life. Elevate your dining experience with this unparalleled piece of artistry.